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Play with teams (or individuals) and answer questions as done in Family Feud. You can name each team by clicking on the words "Enter Team Name" (on the left and right side). The game question will always be visible below the main score (at the top of the page).
  1. To view question answers, click on the "Answers" (right below the question). The answers will be opened in a new browser window/tab.
  2. If you are sharing your screen and you have an extra monitor, you should be able to drag the answer window/tab into another monitor. Each time you click on the Answer link the window with the answers will be updated.
  3. If you do not have an extra monitor you may be able to simply share a specific browser tab. For example, Zoom allows you to share specific browser/tabs. Be sure to experiment with different options before your event.
  4. To award points to a team click on the gold button that says "+ Points". Be sure to click on the button closest to the team name.
  5. If a team gets the answer wrong you can click on the "Team 1 x" button or the "Team 2 x" button, depending on which team got the answer wrong.
  6. To change questions click on the "New Question" button (below the answer choices).
Have fun!
Note: This is a simple group game. No need to login or provide any information. You can bookmark this page or add this to your list of games for convenience.
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